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Tantra Massage in Bayswater performed by Amalia



Amalia Tantric Masseuse in Bayswater

Tantric Massage Bayswater by Amalia possess a deep playful and sensual energy that is so empowering she embraced it and began to explore it at a deeper level than she thought existed. Her warm yet daring nature has enabled her to travel and experience some of the world most richest cultures and traditions.

Upon her travels, Amalia began to discover the world full of hidden pleasures Sensual embrace, which leads her to Tantric massage, a way of living that will enable to soar through emotions without limits, a way of living that will provide you with an ecstatic yet relaxed way of life.

She based in Bayswater and has been practicing erotic massage services for years for a healthy way of living and to ensure the perfect curves of her toned body maintain that peach golden glow. Amalia is trained and experienced in Sensual Massage, Erotic Massage, Tantric Massage, Nuru Massage, Lingham Massage and Prostate Massage in Bayswater.

Her erotic techniques that will ensure every inch of your body is touched with her sensuality, the methods will enable you to experience prolonged pleasure for yourself and your partners, whilst she playfully weaves through your ladder of light by clearing and aligning your pleasure points, these are the energy vortexes within your light body. Safely guide you through an unforgettable journey beyond any realm.

Amalia is European origin, piercing aqua eyes and a soft peach glow, overpowering sweet, sensual and playful presence that lead you to let go of the holding patterns that limit the freedom of the body, mind, and spirit and soar higher than ever before. Her quality of sensual touch will take you on a journey into the deepest realms of self and soul, a world in which the celebration of femininity and unbridled passion collide.

She will passionately uncover sexual senses of new erogenous zones and increase positive energy and emotions by uncovering the deeper depths of human sensuality within your mind and body, driving you into a pleasant state of trance, released from the real modern civilized world and all your attention will concentrate on acoustical and corporal sensations.

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Services:Nuru Massage I Sensual Massage I Tantric Massage I Body to body I Prostate Massage I Extra Services


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